• 5 Elements of the perfect Sexy Lingerie Set

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When it comes to lingerie, a little less is more, no pun intended. There are various lingerie brands that provide complete sets to rekindle the love and spice up the bedroom but sometimes you need to put the pieces together for getting the perfect look for those special nights.  Whether you are buying a complete lingerie set or assembling it yourself, always make sure you have the following items in your sensual wardrobe collection.

1. Bra. First and foremost thing is to check your bra size. An ill fitting bra is a disaster for the look of your set. In addition to making your chest feel unnatural and uncomfortable, it can kill the passion of your partner instantly. Make sure to buy a bra that accentuates your assets. The material should be Polyester, Elastane, Guipure, Satin or lace with just a touch of beautiful embroidery. For a more spiced up touch, you can go for Sheer bra which supports without concealing your assets completely. One new kind of addition is Tulle, which is basically soft, tightly spun netting to add grace to your chest. Know about the different types of bras before buying the perfect one.

2. Panty/ thong/ one piece- Lingerie sets have various options. You can try a one piece, full Corset look or a complete dress for that special sexy appearance. Every set imparts a different look and varies with individual and their moods. Before going for a thong or G-string make sure you know about the discomfort they offer. But it’s not like you are going to wear it for a lifetime. Wearing a thong for a single night can raise the temperature to a whole different level. The chemise chick and babydoll looks are one of the cutest and hottest at the same time.  The perfect Material for your undies should offer comfort and grace, especially at the waist area. It should use flexible, stretchy materials like LycraPolyesterNylon, LaceSilk, Satin or Sheer fabric.

3. Garter straps, belts and lace- Corsets look dazzling with garter straps. They are usually added to give support to your stockings but many of the latest designs just add them to give you a sultry appeal and make you look more tempting than ever. Straps can be substituted with belts and give a more sensuous look than the usual fabric. One more addition to add grace to the appearance of your lingerie, are laces. These laces look hot and classy at the same time and removing them slowly can create the strip of a lifetime!

4. Stockings and holdups. Most of the complete lingerie sets do not come with leg stockings, but they can electrify your body effortlessly like nothing else! Women’s legs are one of the most beautiful things visually for a man. Hide your sexy legs beneath a stocking or holdup to tease just that  little bit more. The choices are pretty standard with usual net and occasional embroidery. Keep the colors simple and complement with your overall lingerie set. You can go for a soft elastane hold up to keep the stocking tight on your thigh, or use garter straps to hold up knee or thigh-high stockings to sex up your look just enough.

An interesting line which is rapidly gaining in popularity these days, is body stockings. They come in a fishnet or sheer fabric and are one of the sexiest items for a wild after dark experience. 

5. Footwear and Other accessories To take your boudoir dressing level up to the next level, accessorize yourself! There are an awful lot of accessories to accentuate your lingerie set like gloves, high heels, jewelry, face masks, jackets, wedding garter, tiara etc. The hottest and most important ones are heels and jewelry. The only thing sexier than a woman in lingerie is when she is wearing sexy heels with a necklace that doesn't come off when everything else does. But remember don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Wear what makes you look amazing, effortlessly!. 

When you are picking individual pieces make sure to keep the colors simple with white, black, red or small hints of other colors to accentuate. Bright or skin toned colors are a strict no. Don’t force the wrong size on you. Your lingerie set must follow the curves of your body perfectly. Your man will pick up on the level of comfort you display. If you keep adjusting the straps, pulling and scratching things, all your effort goes in vain. And most importantly, do not wear anything that is complicated to take off. It can kill the mood instantly.

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