• A Refreshing Change

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After weeks of burning the Midnight oil, much deliberation over products and photographs, and several gallons of coffee, we have a rather big "Ta Da!" to announce...

I am extremely proud to tell you all that Katys Boutique now has a shiny new, mobile friendly website incorporating easier navigation, simplified collections and lots more beautiful lingerie for you to choose from.

So now, when you visit this is what you'll see:



And when you click on the product titles in the menu at the top, we've helpfully sorted them into sub sections that you just have to select. Like this:



Easy right? And much more mobile friendly too, so that you can quickly tap with your finger rather than try to type on fiddly phone or tablet screens.

Plus, we've reduced the number of hoops you have to jump through to make a purchase, making it a faster buying process, taking less of your precious time to get what you want.

This all follows our business ethos of keeping things fresh and interesting, staying on top of new trends and generally giving our lovely customers the best online shopping experience possible. After all, we want you to automatically think of Katys Boutique when looking for new lingerie and there's no better recommendation of our products and service than returning customers.

Talking of recommendations - you'll notice we have added customer reviews to our to our homepage and also to product listings where applicable, so that you can buy with confidence knowing that we really are jolly nice people with good quality, pretty lingerie! 

Furthermore (should all that hard work not be enough!) we've also launched "Katys Lingerie" especially for customers in the USA, with its own website to improve our transatlantic service. If you're curious, take a peek at and marvel in how awesome we are!

So don't be shy, tell all your friends about us...

Katys Boutique. Love it. Want it. Wear it. 

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


Lingerie Lover and Owner of Katys Boutique