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We're often asked about different types of bras, as it seems some of you ladies are not sure what suits and what doesn't. So here's a handy little guide to the various styles on the market at the moment, with one or two examples from our current collection to make life easier for you!


The Push-Up Bra

Possibly the most popular choice, this style is designed to lift the bosom and create an enhanced cleavage. The cups are generally moulded (which means they have a firm shape) with additional padding at the base of the cup to give that all important lift. These extra pads can usually be removed, which is perfect for those of us with one boob bigger than the other as it means we can fit the bra to better suit our shape! This design does tend to sit quite high on the chest however, so you need to bear that in mind when choosing your outfit.

Our current favourites are Roza Lingerie's Caryca and Kalisi designs. Available in a range of colours from a 32A up to a 38D, these styles are comfortable enough to be worn as everyday bras. 


The Plunge Bra

For killer cleavage, this is the bra to choose. Different to the push-up bra because the padding is focused on the sides of the cup to bring your boobs closer together. Ideal for low cut dresses or for leaving an extra button undone on that pretty blouse!  

If you like the idea of this style, try Fiore by Lepel. British made, the gorgeous quality Fiore comes in white, black, navy blue, nude, pale pink and a stunning raspberry pink. And, joy of joys, this design caters for ladies with larger busts too with sizes up to a 38G. 

The Balcony Bra

Made as a soft cup or a moulded cup bra, the balcony is designed to give you the burlesque, heaving bust look. It's cut almost straight across the bust so that you can wear it with low cut tops without it being seen. What is seen though is the swell of your boobs which is great if you have the confidence to carry it off. The moulded versions of this style are good for ladies with smaller boobs as it also gives some shape. Girls with bigger busts tend to like the soft cup designs so that they don't feel as if their boobs are pushed up to under their chins!

We have some lovely designs in this style of bra. Our ultimate favourite is the Mon Amour bra by Gracya. They produce this as a padded cup and also as a soft cup, which means women of all shapes and sizes can wear it.


The Soft Cup Bra

Synonymous with lace and romance (and favoured by brides the world over) the soft cup bra is the epitome of femininity. It's also the bra of choice for women who prefer not to "over egg the pudding" with extra padding, pushing or plunging! Soft cup bras still have underwiring for support, but the cups are a delicate lace or mesh material which often allows the skin to be seen through it. Because of this, they seem popular with the chaps too ;-)

Almost all of our beautiful ranges come with a soft cup version, and our best selling lines are easily the Mehendi or Kalisi designs by Roza Lingerie. Available from a 32C up to a 38D and in many different colourways, there's a bra for all occasions.

The Strapless Bra

Don't be fooled into buying a bra that has removable straps - that doesn't make it a strapless bra, simply one that you can change the straps on to suit your outfit. A strapless bra is a sturdy piece of kit that is designed to give you support and confidence whilst wearing it. They have a wider back band and a deeper central section between the cups which helps to anchor everything in place, along with rubberised strips to prevent slippage. This makes them sound like some kind of torture instrument, but they're not - honest! Our current best seller of this type is the Superfit Lace design by Charnos. Not only is it Superfit up to a 42H, but it's super comfy too and pretty to boot, so an all round winner really!

The Bralette or Triangle Bra

Ah the pretty bralette...feminine and delicate, comfortable to the extreme and excellent value for money. Don't buy one expecting support though, that's not what they're about. Ideal for blossoming young ladies, for wearing under sheer blouses or just for slouching in at home when you can't bear underwiring any longer, you could be forgiven for thinking that these little tops are not truly bras - especially as they are produced in dress sizes rather than cup sizes. So perhaps they're not bras per se, but they're most definitely gorgeous lingerie and an essential in any woman's wardrobe.

We have just 2 in our range at present...but watch this space ;-)

If you have any outstanding questions on bra styles or anything lingerie related, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Or why not pop into the Truro store for help and advice?

Have fun choosing!

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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