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Changes are afoot at Katys Boutique as you may have gathered. It’s all very well having a chap in charge of website workings, but what about the other things that need a woman’s touch; customer service, marketing and PR, social media to name just a few? And if we’re opening our first shop, hands up who’d rather speak to a lady about buying their smalls??

So here I am; I’m Samantha. Lovely to virtually meet you! I guess it’s only fair of me to give you a bit of a biog about myself – as I’m likely to be talking to you about sexy undies in future – but where to start? Should I go right back to my childhood when I trained in classical ballet, tap and modern stage and danced in London’s West End? Should I start from when I left college and began working for British Airways at Gatwick Airport? Maybe that’s the place to begin, as I have many, many stories about celebrities I met and overseas trips I went on. Or perhaps I should really start when I met Tony – founder of Katys Boutique – and the whirlwind journey he has taken me on since then. It’s only been a few weeks, and the job has morphed from one thing to another in such a short space of time. Originally taken on to “do a bit of marketing Sam” I am now a partner in the business and have been whisked away from my previous employment to concentrate solely on growing Katys Boutique into a high street name. No pressure then! However, the beautiful lingerie that Katys offers and the already successful website means that my job is going to be a piece of cake! And when I’m in-situ in Truro that will definitely be my downfall (being only 3 doors away from a delectable local bakery!)

So I invite you all, when in the vicinity, to come and say hi. I can’t guarantee cake on each visit, but I might just offer you a tempting treat from our range if you introduce yourself!

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


Lingerie Lover and Owner of Katys Boutique