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A week or so ago I met a lovely lady named Lucy who co-owns and runs Halto, a brand new and innovative business selling her own creation designed to help women feel fabulous in halter-neck swimwear. She is a delight to talk to - really quite motivational - and a true inspiration. Her story is one of success...let me tell you.

Lucy and her sister Lerryn are big busted girls who have always suffered pain and discomfort in the summer with halter-neck bikinis and swimsuits. The straps can be like cheese wire on some designs and the weight of a pair of boobs can make wearing such pretty things unbearable. After trying countless brands and looking for workaround solutions, the sisters came to the conclusion that if they wanted to improve matters they'd have to do it themselves. But with little ready capital (both women are young mums) they needed investment to get their idea off the ground. So they put together a business plan and cleverly set themselves up a crowdfunding website, which raised over £11,000 in just 28 days. With the finance secured, the concept was realised and Halto was born.

Since then, over 2000 women have benefited from their innovation and a recent survey has shown that 83% of women questioned would gladly buy the product. Feedback has been phenomenal; "Five hours of pain free bikini wearing! I'm so impressed!" commented one happy customer. "This is an amazing idea - I've never before been able to wear halter-necks!" said another. Yet the idea is so simple; a small, moulded piece of cushioned rubber that evenly distributes the weight of your bust once the bikini straps are threaded through it, preventing pulling and bruising. Waterproof, re-usable and available in black and white, it's the swimwear accessory you've been waiting for!



Halto's base of operations is located close to Katys Boutique in Truro. It seems perfectly natural to support fellow Cornish business women with a product that compliments our own business so beautifully. Thus, Katys Boutique is proud to announce that we are now stocking Halto both online and in store.  "We are super excited to be working with Katys Boutique," said Lucy. "It is such a lovely shop and I just know you and your customers are going to love Halto." We think so too Lucy!

To get your Halto and love halter neck bikinis once again, click here.




Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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