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A little while ago I mentioned on a blog post of mine that we had enjoyed an informal consumers get-together, where a group of perfectly normal ladies became official product testers, helping the Katys Team understand more about what it is you want and what it is you like. Those women spent a fun evening at KBHQ evaluating potential stock for the new shop in Truro, and then a few days actually wearing their favourite lingerie to get a feel for its comfort, quality

As promised, several of those lovely ladies have provided me with reviews of the sexy lingerie they took away and I am going to share each one with you so that you can “experience” our beautiful bras, silky nightdresses and sexy thongs for yourselves.

So here is Keli, describing the Roza Natali push-up bra, matching suspender belt and briefs first of all.

“The pink Roza Natali set is my favourite. A beautiful colour; sexy but innocent. The full set of bra, pants and suspender belt looked amazing together with black stockings. Great soft material with the lift to give me a great shape; beautifully made with great detail. It was comfortable to wear for hours on a sexy night out with the hubby. He was very impressed, but is of course a man with great taste!”

Within our Roza Natali range is the push-up bra Keli tried, suspender belt, briefs and a thong in baby pink with black embroidered accents. There is also an alternative colour in this design of black with red accents, available in push-up bra, briefs and thong.

Keli also took home something a little more risqué to garner her husband’s opinion...

“For a cheeky bit of fun I tried the strappy feather thong teddy. The detail with the cute little bows made it look classy, not trashy, and it was easy to put on even though at first glance it looks like it could take some time to figure out. I had lots of fun with this one!”

The teddy she describes is by Shirley of Hollywood who supply Katys Boutique with a wide range of pretty, sexy and saucy lingerie. Have a peek at our After Dark Collection to see a few more suggestions similar to the feather teddy Keli reviewed.

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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