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The new MUST have lingerie just landed!

Oh my. When our shipment of the gorgeous new Zulaj design from Roza Lingerie arrived there was a mad scramble in the office to be the first to get hands on. Quite frankly, it is the most exciting new range we have seen for a while and very different from anything else we have available either online or in store.

Made of a cotton and elastane mix, the material feels wonderfully soft to the touch and has ever such a slight glimmer to it thanks to the intricate use of fine silver thread throughout the design. This is no ordinary black lingerie - you'll not want to cover it up!

A key feature of this range is the choker that has been added to both the push-up and soft cup bras. It's detachable so that the bras can be worn without such adornment if you wish, but the lace is so delicate and the triangular design so pretty and feminine that it would be a travesty to discard it. And if it shows underneath that blouse/dress/jumper who cares? It's beautiful and deserves to be seen!

Both bras are underwired and sectioned, with a small diamante sparkling in the middle of the cups where the choker is fastened. The padding of the push-up bra is nude and is attractively contrasted by the polka dot black tulle that covers it. This style also has single straps crossing each breast above the lace panelling, making it a fashion must-have.

Sizes vary according to the style you choose; the push-up bra is available in 32/34/36 A-D and 38 B-D, whereas the soft cup version comes in sizes 32 C&D and 34/36/38 B-D. But the fit is spot on, offering peace of mind when ordering online.  


There are 2 different types of brief within this new range, and neither of them are thongs. This follows the current trend of comfort and style - not just style - which all of us girls are rather pleased about. If you've ever worn a thong or string for any length of time you'll know exactly where we're coming from! So there's a mini-brief and a boxer brief (or deep brief as some call them) and both are exquisite. Also - happily - Roza have listened to our pleas and produced a larger size in this range, so now there's a UK 16-18 on offer as well...hallelujah!

The mini-brief is completely lace with the exception of a cotton gusset, and has a cut-out design both front and back that resembles straps. There's a cheeky little ribbon bow at the back too, which makes the view from the rear just as enticing as the view from the front!


The boxer briefs are fine lace and mesh at the front, with the same cut-out strappy feature across the tummy. At the back these briefs are a simple, plain black lycra material enhanced with a single strap at the top. Boxer/deep briefs have a 50's feel to them and are designed to accentuate curves. No longer referred to as "Bridget Jones Pants" they have become socially acceptable attire for the modern woman and are definitely worth a try. 


To complete this range there's a couple of pairs of hold-ups actually made by Gabriella to accompany Roza's Zulaj design. One is a 15 denier sheer black stocking incorporating a 4 ring band at the thigh, held in place with a double silicone strip. The other is a nude stocking with black thigh band and the same 4 ring design beneath it. Both thigh bands are made thin enough to be used with suspenders as well, making these hold-ups dual purpose and excellent value for money.


A final word to the wise...these garments are all quite delicate and need some TLC to keep them looking gorgeous. So, when you put them through the laundry it is recommended you hand wash them. Or, if that's just too much of a chore (yup, we feel you!) then pop them into a laundry bag before putting them in the washing machine and all should be well!

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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