• Sexy Lingerie for Valentines Day - The Gents Perspective

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Here at Katys HQ we've had a few pleas for help from chaps who want to buy sexy undies for their ladies but are a bit bemused by all the choice. Do you stick to the standard formula of bra and panties, or should you venture outside of the box and go for a babydoll or teddy? And just what IS the difference anyway? Well, worry not - we're here to help. The ladies and I have put our heads together and come up with a few pieces that are different to the norm; perhaps something us girls wouldn't necessarily buy for ourselves but lust after nonetheless. Pretty, maybe a little saucy, and recommended by the fairer sex  - you can't go wrong!

So here's the information you need all wrapped up in one short little video. You have around 6 minutes to sit through, but it's worth it. Just think of the payback!



To purchase any of the items discussed, simply click on the images below and they will take you straight to where you need to be on our website - easy! And remember,  if your order comes to more than £50 not only will you receive free delivery but, for Valentines Day, you will also receive a pair of Chicca briefs completely free of charge. Just remember to email us with your choice of black or red and the appropriate size. Happy shopping!




Here's the small print: Only sales of over £50 placed prior to 14th February 2017 will qualify for the complimentary pair of Chicca briefs. Customers must email stating their order number along with their choice of size and colour to ensure inclusion with their delivery. Only 1 pair of briefs per order and only available while stocks last. That's it.

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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