• Katys Boutique Opens In Truro!

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Phew! This week has been a rollercoaster. It began on Monday with so much to get done before the grand opening of our very first store on Saturday and, although one thinks one does, it’s impossible to grasp the enormity of the task until it is upon you...and it was ENORMOUS. But, even though there were tears and tantrums all week long, we did it! The beautiful Katys Boutique is now open in Truro at 16a Walsingham Place, TR1 2RP.

We chose a French boudoir theme, using restored antique furniture and a flash of deep red here and there to give it a touch of glamour.  There’s also a nice comfy Chesterfield sofa for the chaps who might want to take the weight off and flick through a magazine whilst waiting for their ladies to pick out something gorgeous and sexy to thrill them with.


Of course, our range is vast and there is little chance of getting it all into our bijou boutique. So, whatever is not stocked in store can be delivered to the shop the next business day, or sent home if that is preferred – what could be easier? No one should ever leave us empty handed! Our first customer purchased the full range of Roza Rufina lingerie and we rewarded her with a bottle of bubbles as a thank you. The Ginewra bra and shorts set is also proving very popular – we already have to re-stock the sexy bra after only one day of trading!

I seem to have re-dressed our mannequins a thousand times (but I am prone to exaggeration I’m told!) and if I've moved boxes or changed the window display once I've done it many times - but that just goes to prove how important the store is, how perfect we want it to be for you and how annoying I can be! At least I recognise my faults...

All in all it feels like it's been a good week. One wonders what next week will bring. Tune in to find out folks!

Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


Lingerie Lover and Owner of Katys Boutique