• The Lingerie Ladies

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When Katys Boutique opens in Truro next month, it is vitally important that the range of sexy lingerie we stock is exactly what you are looking for. The possibilities are endless; all the beautiful pieces listed on our website plus hundreds more are available to us, but space is limited. What on earth do we choose? How do we read your minds? So a plan was hatched…and it involved wine, naturally!

A group of wonderfully normal ladies were invited to a little soiree we had, where lots and lots of gorgeous lingerie was available to them to touch, feel, try on and admire. I say “normal” ladies because that’s what we are girls, isn’t it? We’re not all willowy supermodels with perfect boobs and taught tummies! We wanted real women looking at our undies, giving us real opinions – the only ones that count.

So we provided wine, and laughter, and bodystockings (amongst other things) for our guests to help us make some very important decisions. They did a sterling job under fraught conditions at times – we ran out of wine and had to send for emergency supplies – and some excellent feedback was given. What’s more, since that night further interesting feedback has been received from some of the men in their lives…so it seems a productive time was had by all!

Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing alongside these lovely ladies to give you their honest opinions of the beautiful bras, panties, corsets and chemises they considered on your behalf. Do keep an eye on the Latest News section for updates. And if YOU would like to be considered for the next rigorous testing session (!) just register yourself for the Katys Boutique Newsletter and we'll keep you informed.  


Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


Lingerie Lover and Owner of Katys Boutique