• The Mens Guide To Buying Valentines Day Lingerie

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The Ultimate Mens Guide to buying Lingerie for your partner

So, Valentines Day is almost here once more and you're thinking you know just what to get her this year - Lingerie! Get it right and you will be in her good books but get it wrong and it's a day of the cold shoulder for you!

Let's start with the basics.

Find out what size she wears
One of the most important parts of lingerie shopping for your lady is to know her size, because if she’s a size 8 and you go ahead and buy her a size 18, you're going to be in trouble before you start. That’s why you need to make sure you get the sizing right and buy her something that will fit like a glove. To be sure about what size she wears, take a peek at her knicker drawer and take note of the size of her bras, briefs, and clothing size. It’ll come in handy when you go to order. You're going to need to know her bra size and dress size, ideally in UK sizing. One mans small is another mans medium.

Remember guys, if you need help you can always call us at Katys Boutique and ask Sam for help. Particularly on dress size you're always better going with a slightly bigger fit so if you think she's an 8/10 then go with the 10 to be safe.

Know her preference
While you're at it, try to take note of the type of lingerie she likes to wear because while there's nothing wrong with buying her something you want to see on her, you will get a lot more brownie points if she loves it and feels comfortable in it, too. 

Does she like super skimpy thongs, or does she like a little more coverage? Are her bras and briefs bright and colorful, or are they mostly black? Are you seeing lots of lace, or just plain cotton? All things to keep in mind to make your life a little easier.

Remember, it's a gift for her (allegedly) and you want her to be happy with it.

Prepare your wallet
Once you're ready to actually start shopping, emotionally prepare yourself to drop at least £50 on two small pieces of fabric, because good lingerie is not cheap. Sure, you can buy a bra and knickers set from Primark for £5, but that's generally not advisable. You want her to feel special and nobody loves a cheapskate!


Know exactly how bra sizes work
I know we briefly went over sizes and you might already have a general idea about how bra sizes work, but buying lingerie is a delicate business that requires precise numbers for a perfect fit. That said, you need to know exactly how bra sizes work.

Bra sizes have two parts: The band size, and the cup size. The band is the measurement of her rib cage, and is the part that goes around her rib cage and clips in the back. The cup size is the part that actually holds her boobs in place, and is the measurement of how much bigger her bust is than her rib cage.

For instance, with the bra size 36C, 36 is the measurement of her rib cage, and C is the cup size. Simple, right? Right!

You would think so, but get it wrong and you're in the dog house and looking for a refund or exchange.

After you find out what size she wears, you should take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with some of the different types of bras on the market. 

There are many, many different types of bras in the giant world of lingerie, and each type looks and feels different, which means some are better suited for busty gals, and some are better for smaller frames.

Luckily, we're going to stick to two main types and with these you shouldn't go far wrong.

The Push up Bra

If you’re a big fan of sexy cleavage (OK, you ARE a man, right??) go for a push up bra...especially if your lady has boobs that are on the smaller side of the spectrum and you already know she wears push up bras. 

However, if she has fairly large breasts, you probably (definitely) shouldn’t get her one of those “Adds 2 Cup Sizes” bras, or else her boobs will be pushed up to her chin, which is neither comfortable nor is it attractive!

The Soft Cup Bra

Soft cup, or Unlined bras, as the name suggests, do not have any padding whatsoever. They generally have an underwire to counteract gravity, but they won’t do anything in terms of adding a little extra oomph to her breasts.

That said, if your girlfriend is already blessed with sizeable boobs, this is probably a wise choice because it isn't bulky and she'll fill it out just right. 

As a bonus, they look GREAT :)


Since the female body is a beautiful work of art that deserves to be honored with only the most flattering undergarments, there are many different types of knickers and briefs out there and each woman has her favorite. So depending on which of the following you have seen on your girl the most, it might be wise to go with that. We're learning what she likes here guys and playing it safe!

Thongs and Strings

We all know what these are, and generally us guys like them the most. For the girls though they are a bit of a divider - they either love them or hate them and some women can find them uncomfortable (no surprise there!)

Bikini, Mini-Brief and Brasilian

As the name implies, the bikini/mini-brief/brasilian brief is a flattering undergarment that sits low at the hips as a bikini would, and has just the right amount of cheeky coverage in the back to look good on anyone. It's a good compromise between a great view for us and comfort for her.

Briefs, Deep Briefs and Boxer Briefs

Another universal favourite, briefs are popular among women who prefer a little more coverage. But don't get me wrong - "briefs" does not always mean granny pants. In fact, briefs can actually be the sexiest of all and there are a huge number of new and exciting styles out there like the Roza Zulaj design that are redefining what is sexy.

And that's all there is to it! Hopefully this guide makes your life a little easier, and you're able to pick out some sexy bras and briefs like a pro. Now go buy your girl some lingerie and surprise her with how you get her size exactly right and know what she loves to wear like you've been together for years!


Samantha Miles
Samantha Miles


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