• Winter Tights Explained: What To Wear In The Cold

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Although the UK is not USUALLY the coldest place in Winter, and at Katys HQ in Cornwall we don't generally get much snow, these things are subject to change as we've all experienced this week! As a result, we've had many enquiries asking for advice about the best winter tights, stockings and hold ups. Nobody likes suffering from cold feet and toes, so we thought it was about the time that we talk about the best tights to cope with this cold weather.

Should I wear thermal or wool tights?

Thick black opaques are a traditional favourite and can look professional as well as smart although perhaps a little samey and not particularly individual. Another disadvantage is that they can only really be worn with darker colours and especially over Winter we may want to brighten our look a little. Whilst thermal or woolen might get the job done in terms of comfort and warmth they are not exactly the most glamorous choice for the fashion conscious girl.

It is a question we have looked long and hard at here at Katys, and we think we have come up with a great answer. As microfibre tights often contain elastane, they expand and adjust to the leg shape better than cotton and wool tights and we have hand picked some great new styles so you can have the look of hold ups or stockings over winter with the warmth and comfort of tights.

  Designer Tights by Ballerina


In the last few months we have been busy preparing for winter stocking up with a great new range of tights from Ballerina. These beauties have the look of hold ups or stockings with the winter advantages of tights. With around 30 great new designs, from the more traditional to a little more raunchy, they are a great way to add some fun to the daily grind of the office.

How do I wash tights and get them to last?

If you’re spending more on tights this winter - or just want to add longevity to a pair of any cost - then you must wash with care. Tights are best preserved by being washed inside out, ideally in a washbag, on a cool wash. Never tumble-dry or put them on the radiator as heat will kill the stretch. Ideally you want to dry flat or drape over a clothes horse - don’t peg.

With just a little extra care you can make your tights last that bit longer than normal with ease.

What about shape?

We have our usual range of great body shaping underwear that may offer some solutions here. The Control Body range incorporates a great shaping panel for the perfect flat tummy and offers various styles and firmness for the perfect shape.

Shapewear by Control Body

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