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Every woman likes to feel pretty and feminine in gorgeous ladies underwear. But after dark, when business suits and daytime clothes are discarded, pretty and feminine gives way to sultry and seductive. Lace topped stockings with suspenders, sexy panties and thongs, corsets and naughty teddies add more than a little spice to a quiet night in...or even a wild night out.

With that in mind, Katys Boutique introduces you to our After Dark Collection; a range of slightly more risqué ladies underwear designed to tease and tantalise. This unique selection of erotic lingerie is available in standard and plus sizes so that every woman can explore her sensuality with super sexy underwear.

Shirley of Hollywood, Irall Erotic and Beauty Night offer many variations on a theme which can be as daring as you are. Sexy panties and peek-a-boo bras are just the start...why not let your imagination run free for a while? Conceal just enough and flaunt the rest – that’s the After Dark Collection.